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Our core focus is on the application of technologies into learning and teaching. Edunova designs and implements ambitious plans in partnership with stakeholders. We also find new ways of supporting these stakeholders and beneficiaries in order to achieve a secure transition to their desired future state. Edunova provides customised solutions, either as part of its core service, or in partnership with other leading edge providers.


The Edunova annual general meeting (AGM) took place at the Philippi Edunova Learning Centre on Tuesday 20 August 2013. Minutes are available here: EdunovaAGM2013.pdf.


Learners and educator were overjoyed as they participated enthusiastically in a graduation ceremony held by Edunova on the 1st of March 2013 at the Edunova Learning Centre in Firlands, Somerset West. Edunova Director, Mr John Thole, encouraged the learners and the educators to see this as a milestone, needing to be celebrated as a great achievement for all individuals concerned.

grad05Winnie Makumbe from Edunova handing out IBM Reading Companion certificates to learner champions

John's Blog
Time to develop capacity
18/02/2013 | John Thole

Edunova has, for the past four months, been going through a restructuring process. This is never an easy exercise and all the [ ... ]